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From idea to reality

Healthy growth and planned development are the signs of a successful business.

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Planned progress

Operational development, expansion into new markets and implementation of vision is enabled through teams and clear, well-planned activities.

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Door to another dimension

Operational development involves actively seeking and exploiting new opportunities.

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Your international enterprise architect

In order to gain new ground, you need to establish a route and proceed at the optimal pace.

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The right environment

You never know what the next decisive competitive advantage or recipe to success is.

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Upcoming events

Ylös Alas


24.09.2014 Savonian ice-breakers

Foreigners often think of Finns as shy and quiet. A people who escape the long, cold and dark winter. In Savo, however, this assumption is challenged. People are easy to approach, relaxed and easygoing. One hears of Savonian geniality.

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22.09.2014 Where do we get health games?

At their best, games can be used to promote health, improve people's health literacy, prevent diseases, influence people's lifestyles and encourage self-help and self-care. Games can get people to learn about things that promote health and use that knowledge to promote their own health.

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