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From idea to reality

Healthy growth and planned development are the signs of a successful business.

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Uplifting operations

The best can find their niche even in the toughest of competitions, both in the market and in the hearts of their customers.

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Your international enterprise architect

In order to gain new ground, you need to establish a route and proceed at the optimal pace.

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Planned progress

Operational development, expansion into new markets and implementation of vision is enabled through teams and clear, well-planned activities.

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Door to another dimension

Operational development involves actively seeking and exploiting new opportunities.

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Reaching out to new opportunities

With the support of a good action plan and some expert help, you can reach surprisingly high while still keeping your feet on the ground.

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The right environment

You never know what the next decisive competitive advantage or recipe to success is.

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Kuopio Science Park

Kuopio Science Park includes hundreds of technology and service enterprises, various national research centres, and numerous testing and analysis laboratories.

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Science Park News

03.02.2014 Myontec have been awarded first prize in Germany
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30.01.2014 Kuopio jammed together with Global Game Jam the world’s biggest game development event
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Healthy People

Healthy People theme focuses on research, business and development of health, nutrition and well-being.

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Safe Environment

Safe Environment theme includes security and health promotion.

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03.02.2014 Myontec have been awarded first prize in Germany

Smart shorts made by the Kuopio-based company, Myontec, have been awarded first prize in Germany. Read more ›

30.01.2014 Kuopio jammed together with Global Game Jam the world’s biggest game development event

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are” game theme gathered 23 293 game developers from 72 countries together to make games in 48 hours during the world’s biggest game event Global Game Jam 2014. Read more ›

02.12.2013 Games for Health Finland network established

Kuopio Innovation have started to build a Games for Health Finland network. Kuopio Innovation is a member in the Finnish Society for Telemedicine and eHealth. Read more ›

21.10.2013 Finland is a gateway to the EU market

Finnish companies seek business partners and customers in Moscow. Russia is Finland’s largest trading partner and there are hundreds of Finnish companies from various fields operating in the country. Read more ›

04.06.2013 Vice Chairman of Shanghai visited Kuopio

Vice Chairman of Shanghai and Mayor of Shanghai Pudong New Area, Mr Jiang Liang visited Kuopio in the end of May 2013. Vice Chairman, with his delegation, made visits to Kuopio Science Park, the University of Eastern Finland and Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Read more ›

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ABOWE introductory seminar and investor event, Vantaa

25.04.2014 | Read more ›

Games for Health Finland, Game Jam, Kuopio

26.04.2014 | Read more ›

mHealth Summit Europe 2014, Berlin, Germany

06.05.2014 | Read more ›


24.09.2013 Greetings from Finnish business Roadshow in Shanghai

Getting out of the airport is an experience for the first timer in Shanghai. You can check all the trip advisor reviews and they say this and that about what taxi to get but at 7am in the morning, its not so  straight forward so you select the one that happens to be the nearest.

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10.10.2012 Bridges at the base of the pyramid

BOP is pop at the moment and there is no argument there-  the prospective posed by the aggregate purchasing power held by 4 billion people worldwide is huge.  BOP markets are, however, not an easy target for Finnish organisations, especially those looking at the global and international environment with commercial interest.

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