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From idea to reality

Healthy growth and planned development are the signs of a successful business.

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Planned progress

Operational development, expansion into new markets and implementation of vision is enabled through teams and clear, well-planned activities.

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Door to another dimension

Operational development involves actively seeking and exploiting new opportunities.

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Your international enterprise architect

In order to gain new ground, you need to establish a route and proceed at the optimal pace.

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The right environment

You never know what the next decisive competitive advantage or recipe to success is.

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Ylös Alas


22.09.2014 Where do we get health games?

At their best, games can be used to promote health, improve people's health literacy, prevent diseases, influence people's lifestyles and encourage self-help and self-care. Games can get people to learn about things that promote health and use that knowledge to promote their own health.

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26.06.2014 Health Games must be carefully planned

Nutrition-related health games are still relatively new area in health games and have expectance of high growth in the near future. The next few years will therefore show us what nutrition games will bring, but still it is clear that they have a great potential in health promotion.

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