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From idea to reality

Healthy growth and planned development are the signs of a successful business.

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Planned progress in business

Operational development, expansion into new markets and implementation of vision.

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Towards new openings

In order to gain new ground, you need to establish a route and proceed at the optimal pace.

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Door to another dimension

Operational development involves actively seeking and exploiting new opportunities.

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09.01.2015 Runway case in India – in our collaboration, there are only winners

A case study of the application of the Runway commercialisation and productisation model was presented at the ICMC 2014 conference in India. This year's presentation described the application of the CCI model in a pilot project, in a mobile healthcare unit originally developed at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, and in the development of a business model for it. Read more ›

14.10.2014 Runway awarded in Naples

The innovation commercialisation project, Runway, was awarded as Finland's national winner in the 8th edition of the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA). The awards were presented at the SME Assembly held in Naples from 1st to 3rd October 2014. Read more ›

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19.11.2014 Attitude and boldness in doing business

The Final of the Kasvu Open competition for growth businesses took place in Jyväskylä, bringing together the enterprises and entrepreneurs that had developed their own growth plans for the best part of a year, the sparring partners, mentors and numerous other experts.

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04.11.2014 WHO Healthy Cities – Cities at the heart of Well-being

WHO International Healthy Cities event embraced health promotion viewpoints from best practices all over the world at Athens 22nd to 25th October 2014. This year City of Kuopio presented a high number of best practices...

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