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Healthy growth and planned development are the signs of a successful business.

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Planned progress in business

Operational development, expansion into new markets and implementation of vision.

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Towards new openings

In order to gain new ground, you need to establish a route and proceed at the optimal pace.

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Door to another dimension

Operational development involves actively seeking and exploiting new opportunities.

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01.07.2015 Companies at the WHO Conference: Networking and promotion of health and wellbeing

The City of Kuopio was hosting the World Health Organisation's Healthy Cities Network conference on June 24-26, 2015. Over 300 policymakers within healthcare participated in the conference, from nearly 100 network cities of over 30 countries. The WHO conference in Kuopio was the first in which the health, wellbeing and health technology companies were able to introduce their products and service Read more ›

07.05.2015 Kuopio Innovation Today is published!

The theme of the Kuopio Innovation’s publication is “Businesses at the core”. You can read current news for example of Game Jams, Startup Kuopio, Growth Open and Human Security Finland network’s operations, also new solutions in the field of health and wellbeing. In addition, there are a number of our customers' business stories. Read more ›

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01.07.2015 Mobile technology boosts digitalisation in wellbeing and health

There are almost as many mobile telephone connections in the world as there are people. A vast number of mobile health applications (mHealth apps) related to health and welfare are available and can be used by mobile phones, smart phones and tablets...

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30.04.2015 Can health be fun?

If you feel the joy of work, sit quietly until the feeling passes. The creation and growing of the Games for Health Finland network with all the casual events has been a great joy. Fortunately, sitting is unhealthy and we have had the pleasure to enjoy the work. Based on the feedback, sitting has been also enjoyable to many participants of our events.

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