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pdf-file 20150210_International_journal_of_Health2015-Social_innovative_and_smart_cities_are_happy_and_resilient-Insights_from_WHO2014_conference.pdf994.7 KB
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pdf-file 20141115_FinJeHeW_Games_for_Health_Game_Jam.pdf172.1 KB
pdf-file 20140201_NordicLifeScience_Telemedicine-ehealth.pdf344.5 KB
pdf-file 20140401_ViveLaSavonie_Lorientation_client_les_objectifs_et_le_courage de realiser des reves.pdf202.8 KB
pdf-file 20131101_SavonTähdet - The Runway of commercialisation creates a path for growth-seeking companies.pdf495.6 KB
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Internet publications

City of Kuopio 4.11.2014 - Health and well-being innovations of Kuopio received good feedback in Healthy Cities Conference

City of Kuopio 12.8.2014 - The 2nd Games for Health Finland is arriving to Kuopio

City of Kuopio 29.10.2014 - Sister city Shanghai Pudong’s delegation visited Kuopio

City of Kuopio 1.9.2014 - Kuopio presents wellbeing services in European Healthy Cities Conference

Vive La savonie 1.4.2014 - L'orientation client, les objectifs et le courage de réaliser des rêves (in French)

Webfinanser 14.9.2012 - Medtech Investment Day Award till Inerventions