Kuopio Innovation

Taking ideas further


Belfast Healthy cities: Innovation: Making technology work for health, Arto Holopainen (2016)

The role of new technology in helping to deliver a modern health service and address health inequalities was held in Belfast March 2016. The seminar was hosted by the WHO body, Belfast Healthy Cities and was part of a series focused on sharing learning from Belfast Healthy Cities’ Finnish colleagues in the WHO European Network. Alongside speakers from Finland there were contributions from Northern Ireland, Wales.

Videosaga from Kuopio Game Expo (2015)

Kuopio Game Expo was held for the first time in Finlandon March 21-22, 2015. The event offered the entity of game event and game music consert by Music Quest at the same time. (Video production of Kuopio Music Centre)

Games for Health Finland products 2014 (2014)

Games for Health Finland - Digital games for promoting health and supporting health care.

Runway - Commercialisation Runway of Innovations (2014)

The two-year Runway project has a clear and ambitious goal: to help companies with development potential increase their business activity by bringing onto the market products and services for which there is demand.

MediGateway to Europe (2014)

MediGateway to Europe is a consortium and a way of thinking, aimed at non-European companies who wish enter the highly lucrative European healthcare markets.

Kuopio Science Park (2013)

Kuopio Science Park includes hundreds of technology and service enterprises, various national research centres, and numerous testing and analysis laboratories. The Science Park is a unique combination of expertise and know how in the fields of health, environment and well being, as well as ICT and sensor technology competence. Internationally distinguished university and university of applied sciences education is available in the region, as well as diverse other training opportunities. Kuopio Science Park is a work and learning environment for 20,000 people. In a few years' time, it will grow into an area of 30,000 workers, students and residents.