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Kuopio – Room to succeed

The Kuopio region has a unique combination of science, technology, art, industry and security. Kuopio is one of the country's innovation hubs and an important university city. The zone comprising Kuopio, Tahko and neighbouring areas has a population of almost 250,000. There are over 5,400 businesses in the urban area of Kuopio employing some 50,000 people. Export companies number more than 200. The enormous development of Kuopio's health technology, biotech, pharmaceutical and environmental sectors and its ICT know-how have created numerous start-up and growth companies in Kuopio that present excellent opportunities for investors. Dozens of potential investment targets emerge every year. Read more

The unique area of Savilahti

The Savilahti area which includes Kuopio campus and Science Park area has hundreds of technology and service companies, several national research centres and numerous testing and analysis laboratories. The area is a unique combination of skills and know-how in the fields of health and well-being and the environment reinforced by ICT and sensor technology expertise. Read more

Kuopio-Shanghai cooperation network

Companies generate growth by internationalising. Kuopio already laid the groundwork for cooperation with China in the early 2000s when cooperation between Kuopio and the Shanghai Pudong New Area began. The primary objective of the cooperation is to support the internationalisation of Kuopio and the region, strengthen collaboration between technology parks and promote the development of business activity and collaboration between companies. For this purpose, an exceptionally close cooperation network has been formed in Kuopio. Read more                                       

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