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Kuopio-Shanghai cooperation network 

Companies generate growth by internationalising. Kuopio already laid the groundwork for cooperation with China in the early 2000s when cooperation between Kuopio and the Shanghai Pudong New Area began. The cities signed a sister city agreement in 2012, and activities between Kuopio and Shanghai Pudong have continuously grown and deepened. On the part of the City of Kuopio, there has been a vigorous increase in activities in the teaching field, while the cultural side has also remained very active. 

The primary objective of the cooperation is to support the internationalisation of Kuopio and the region, strengthen collaboration between technology parks and promote the development of business activity and collaboration between companies. For this purpose, an exceptionally close cooperation network has been formed in Kuopio. Read Kuopio-Shanghai cooperation overview 2016.

Cooperation network 

The Kuopio region's cooperation network for its Shanghai activities is composed of the City of Kuopio, Kuopio Innovation, the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), the Kuopio Region Chamber of Commerce, the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the Savo Region Federation of Municipalities for Vocational Education and Training (SAKKY). In Kuopio, there is also a lot of experience in doing business in Shanghai, and Kuopio Innovation helps to make use of this expertise, e.g. by arranging public events and training sessions. 

The region's companies have access to reliable partners and contacts in Shanghai. For example, within the framework of the City of Kuopio's agreement, Kai Zhan helps companies on the spot. 

Cooperation network activities in Shanghai include:

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