Kuopio Innovation

Taking ideas further

Business development services

STARTUP – pre-incubator and incubator

We offer services for individuals and teams intending to start a business and for startups to help them develop their business idea and plan their business. Our business development experts provide confidential assistance with refining the business idea and starting up and developing the business. Read more

GROWUP – growing the business

We provide business development services for growth-hungry companies. We provide support in the various stages of product development and commercialisation. From us you will receive expert assistance with business development, strategic planning and implementation as well as management development. We provide SMEs with market- and end user-oriented productisation and commercialisation services. Read more

BRANCHOUT – expanding the business

We develop and implement projects that provide new opportunities to strengthen the position of companies. The creation, growth and internationalisation of companies is promoted through actions prepared and carried out within a collaborative network.

We help with networking between companies, key research groups and the public sector and partnership building. We utilise the opportunities created by various development programmes to develop businesses and the innovation environment in the region.

From us you will receive support to help you find out about the funding opportunities to develop the business. We provide funding advice for start-up and growth-oriented SMEs. Read more