Kuopio Innovation

Taking ideas further

BRANCHOUT – expanding the business

We develop and implement projects that provide new opportunities to strengthen the position of companies. The creation, growth and internationalisation of companies is promoted through actions prepared and carried out within a collaborative network. 

Together, we are more. Our goal is to raise the visibility and expertise of the companies in national and international events.

We help with networking between companies, key research groups and the public sector and partnership building. We utilise the opportunities created by various development programmes to develop businesses and the innovation environment in the region. 

Our goal is to increase the attraction of the Kuopio region and investment in the area in collaboration with regional, national and international actors.

Ongoing projects to expand the business (further information on the right):

More information:

Arto Holopainen
Senior Advisor
Business Development, Technology and Business Foresight
Tel. +358 45 139 3996



Ongoing projects

  • DigiKyky – Enhancing a company's digital capabilities in order to increase productivity and competitiveness
  • Games for Health Finland: the aim of health games and gamification is to promote health by combining and making use of technology and features borrowed from games.
  • Health Technology Development Centre: The goal is to increase customer needs-based innovation, testing and development in North Savo and to promote the growth of the region's business activity by expediting the entry of innovations into domestic and especially export markets.
  • Human Security Finland: the aim of the Human Security Network is to generate business from know-how together with local people. Operations are focused in fragile and crisis areas.
  • Innovative Cities: The aim is to turn Finland into an internationally attractive innovation hub and to promote networking between companies, key research groups and the public sector and build partnerships.
  • Sustainable Mining: The aim is to create a model for sustainable mining activity that will facilitate the internationalisation of SMEs and export promotion in developing markets, fragile states and crisis areas.
  • Safety Training centre: The objective is to formulate the operational concept. The training centre will be built next to the training ground of the Emergency Services College.