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GROWUP – growing the business

We provide business development services for growth-hungry companies. We provide support in the various stages of product development and commercialisation. From us you will receive expert assistance with business development, strategic planning and implementation as well as management development. We provide SMEs with market- and end user-oriented productisation and commercialisation services. 

We will help companies deal with business bottlenecks and, as a long-term development partner, we will provide support in all the business processes. Our services are always tailored to the needs of the client.

Ongoing projects and activities:

More information: 

Juha Vilhunen
Senior Advisor
Business Development, Growup Services
Tel. +358 45 139 3971

Kalevi Voutilainen
Senior Advisor
Business Development, Growup Services
Tel. +358 50 378 5610

Ongoing projects:

  • Runway: A product development and productisation model to speed commercialisation.
  • Next Level – for business growth: The goal is to enable the target companies to undergo strong, managed growth through intensive training/coaching.
  • Kasvu Open: Finland's biggest coaching competition for growth businesses.
  • Business Funding Advise: Support for start-up and growth-oriented SMEs to help them to find out the funding opportunities to develop the business.