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Health technology from Savo on show at Medica


This month, the Medica trade fair in Düsseldorf was a meeting point for the international health business. There were nearly 5,000 exhibitors from 70 countries. Medica showcased solutions from many different medical fields including health technology, laboratory research and diagnostics, physiotherapy, orthopaedics, ICT, equipment and rehabilitation. Of these, the biggest field was health technology, which was represented by more than half of the companies. 

This year, a subject of particular interest was patients' access to information and networking, which are topical issues in many countries. They refer to the ways in which each of us can in the future access our health records, and, on the other hand, how healthcare staff can utilise patients' records regardless of where they are being treated. This is a topical issue here in Finland, too, whatever health and social care system we have. 

Savo companies in the spotlight – Mega Electronics, Medikro, Telespro, Ergorest, Chasswheel and Reagena 

Mega Electronics has been in the spotlight for years at the same familiar stand, so it's easy for their partners to find them. Their stand was buzzing throughout the fair and many new initiatives were taken. We'll be hearing more about these in the next few days, for sure! It says a lot about the cooperation between companies in Savo that Telespro was represented on the Mega stand. 

The Managing Director of Telespro, Heikki Hakkarainen (on the left in the photo), was delighted that the company had got its first foreign customer at Medica for its T-Balance thermal suit. The customer is a Swiss hospital. 

Medikro's stand represented Scandinavian style and stood out positively. Medikro's team said that this year there were more representatives from the Middle East and Arab countries at Medica than in previous years, which shows that new markets have opened up. This was echoed by many of the other exhibitors too. 

In the company of Ergorest's Anne Hölttä, I heard so much good about ergonomic tools and aids that I may buy some for myself, too. Both retailers and end users visited their stand and admired their products. Many were heard to say, "Are these really made in Finland?". 

Chasswheel was on the Team Finland stand, where start-up companies had the opportunity to participate in Medica at the lowest cost. This is something that all SMEs must, and it would definitely pay them to, make better use of (details available from the undersigned). It also gives them the chance to check out the competition in their field and arrange meetings with partners. In terms of visibility, Chasswheel had at least one advantage in a rolling product that did not go unnoticed. 

At Medica, you must know what you're looking for and who you want to meet 

As a first-time visitor to Medica, my observation is that meetings must be arranged well in advance and you must find out how visible other companies are at the event. At this fair, you will lose out hopelessly in visibility if you don't know the competition environment. Choosing the right spot, individuality and preparing for meetings with partners are some of the basic things that have led to openings for companies from Savo at Medica. 

Mega's stand was excellent: their main products were prominently on display and the stand could be seen from far away. Medikro's stand structure again differed noticeably from the others: constructed from two-by-fours, the white and grey stand was modern and eye-catching. Ergorest, on the other hand, wouldn't even have been identified as Finnish, so well did it blend into the European look. The product, however, attracted  so much interest that there was even a queue of visitors. 

Of course, all of those from Savo had the most important advantage of all: expert personnel who knew how to describe the essential product characteristics in accordance with the customer's needs. As a Savonian, I could, therefore, be proud of the visibility of our province's companies! 

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is reforming the trade fair grants process for 2016. Kuopio Innovation will continue to provide support for companies. We will issue a bulletin for companies on this as soon as possible and will also include it in this blog. 

Johanna Jylhä-Ollila 

Advisor / Business Development, Health and Wellness Service Business
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