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We celebrated a digital weekend in Kuopio (29–31 January 2016) at the Kuopio classical high school, developing games at the Global Game Jam, innovating virtuality within education at the FinEduVR workshop as well as creating new business ideas at the Young Entrepreneurship (NY) 24-hour camp. High school students are developing new business ideas in teams, doing market research, finance, costs, pricing, all the basics that are needed in setting up a company in real life. Through different tasks and lectures the business ideas began to develop. At some point the students had to clear their thoughts at the sauna and hot tub. Finally, the teams got to present their business ideas, what, why and how.

Pictured the Young Entrepreneurship (NY) 24-hour campers

Fest Aid Kit offered a pre-customized birthday package, easily and quickly. Missä Bussi (Where is the bus) app is designed for those who don’t want to wait at the bus stop, but to laze in bed for a while and head to the bus stop only moments before the bus. This app was widely supported, especially among the students. By Hobby, and you no longer have to jog alone, the application for a social sportman. Onnen Tuulet (The Winds of Fortune) wanted to resolve youth unemployment and the loneliness of the elderly with a single solution. Young people get a job and valuable work experience, the elderly get a janitor and someone to chat with. BooX, the Netflix of books, with a small monthly fee you get a huge electronic library. Insta Groceries, a relief to the hectic everyday life. Order your food in advance and pick them up pre-packed after work, no more crowded aisles or queuing at the cash register.

All ideas were based on mobile solutions, they were feasible and in line with current needs. Such solutions truly have a need in the market. A diverse panel consisting of business development, student counseling and teaching perspectives were evaluating the results. In the end Onnen Tuulet (The Winds of Fortune) was selected as the winner, with their interesting solution to these big and relevant problems.

The NY 24 camp used group learning as a tool for developing interaction and problem-solving abilities. These are essential skills for anyone in today's world. Learning by doing is one of the best ways to learn and in a good team people complement each other. Although the schedule is tight, even the best ideas can arise in an instant. How to change the idea into business requires a lot of work. You can get a lot done in a day, when you take the first step.

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Antti Kotimaa