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Cooperation negotiations concluded at Kuopio Innovation Ltd


Kuopio Innovation Ltd press release, publishable 7 October 2016. Updated 10 October 2016 regarding the press release of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences. 

The cooperation negotiations begun on 5 September 2016 at the invitation of Kuopio Innovation Ltd concerning the integration of operations with the City of Kuopio's service area reform have been concluded. The negotiations involved the entire staff of the company. The negotiations were conducted in a friendly and constructive spirit, and the negotiated settlement as a whole can be considered positive. 

It was agreed that some of Kuopio Innovation's staff would be transferred to the employment of the City of Kuopio in Business Development and Corporate Group Services and in the Healthcare and Social Care Service Areas in various specialist positions. Some of the staff will be transferred to the employment of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences in project and specialist positions. The projects being transferred are Value Networks for Sustainable Mining, Health Game Lab and DigiKyky.

"The cooperation negotiations conducted at Kuopio Innovation Ltd are related to the ongoing service area changes. The solution that has now been found provides the City of Kuopio with the solid and wide-ranging expertise of our company's staff," says Kuopio Innovation's Managing Director, Jukka Pitkänen

In the main, all the services previously provided by Kuopio Innovation Ltd will in future be delivered by the City of Kuopio. 

The negotiations did not involve redundancies. 

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Read more in the press release issued on 10 October 2016 by the Savonia University of Applied Sciences: Some of Kuopio Innovation's activities transferred to Savonia