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Some of Kuopio Innovation's activities transferred to Savonia


The Savonia University of Applied Sciences is expanding its regional development-focused research and development activities and strengthening its expertise in its focus areas by taking over some of Kuopio Innovation's projects and personnel as part of its operations. 

At its meeting on Monday 10 October, the Savonia Board decided to approve the project portfolio determined by negotiations as well as the transfer of some of Kuopio Innovation's staff to Savonia. The three employees in question will change employer in accordance with the principles of a business transfer. Management of the projects will be transferred to Savonia on 1 December 2016. 

The change supports the implementation of Savonia's strategy, enhancing its effectiveness in business-oriented research, development and innovation activities. The projects being transferred are Value Networks for Sustainable Mining, Health Game Lab and DigiKyky

"The total volume of the transferred projects to be implemented in 2017–2018 is about 612,000 euros and they will be carried through in accordance with the project plans and goals. The expertise of the transferred staff will help to strengthen Savonia's operations in our focus areas," says the Vice President, Mikko Vuoristo

The transfer is part of the reform of the City of Kuopio's service area organisations. One of the key aims of the reform is to develop regional cooperation, particularly with regard to project activities at the business interface, as well as to increase collaboration between educational organisations. 

In the future, the City of Kuopio will concentrate on implementing projects of strategic importance to the City in line with the objectives of the service area reform. 

"The project activities carried out by Kuopio Innovation at the business interface will not in future be conducted to the same extent, but instead the aim will be to increase collaboration between different educational organisations. Kuopio Innovation's current service structure will largely be integrated with the City of Kuopio's operations. The project activities will be continued so that some of the projects will be transferred to the City of Kuopio and some, according to the decision now made, to Savonia," says Kuopio Innovation's Managing Director, Jukka Pitkänen

"The Savonia University of Applied Sciences has a long history of carrying out successful project activities at the business interface and in this respect it was natural that Savonia should be the one to take over these Kuopio Innovation projects," continues Pitkänen.


Mikko Vuoristo
Vice President
Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Tel. +358 44 785 5003

Jukka Pitkänen
Managing Director
Kuopio Innovation Ltd
tel. +358 44 718 2085


News origin, Savonia University of Applied Sciences publication (in Finnish).